About Us

Customized tailoring is a high garment making technique. It involves the maximum human touch and provides the highest level of individual customization. And now we take this a step ahead. Creative Threads give you this service at your choice of place; at a time convenient to you.

Most tailors are offering a short cut version of this process and calling it "customized". They have ready patterns of sizes 38, 40, 42, 44 and so on and make minor changes to somewhat fit you. The first fitting itself is almost a fully finished shirts and Trousers, with only the collar in a raw state, more for show, and no major changes are done at this stage. Naturally, a shirts and Trousers that is made this way can never be the same fit as a "True customized" shirts and Trousers. This version is called made-to-measure and is different from "customized".

100% customer satisfaction. Every order is custom made as per your need. From the fabric to the pattern to the buttons, you decide what you want. Every detail you want will be taken care of. Our experts work intricately on every piece of the garment to ensure you get what you had ordered. We are just a phone call away

Our Values